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Melissa V Rentchler


Individual subscribers $125.00 USD each per 120 day period regardless of Country payable by American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa.

Institutional each bundled subscriber is calculated at .001 of your Country's median GDP PPP as evidenced in the most current data from the CIA Fact Book at
(If your Country is part of the European Union, but also appears separately on the chart like France or Italy, your bulk membership is according to the European Union.) Payable by American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa.  Checks or money orders for a single institution bundled  membership subscription with a minimum value of $5,000.00 USD may be arranged. Contact Melissa V Rentchler,

Example: If I wanted the discounted rate as a bundled subscriber, as an American in residency .001 of the USA GDP PPP rate of $15,940 = $15.94 USD for each as a bundled subscriber multiplied by the minimum of 25 subscribers = $398.50 total due for one 30 day period collected/raised/granted through the institution of your choice.

Access is calculated for a minimum of 30 days and may be arranged for longer time periods.

If you would like to obtain the institutional bundled subscriber rate please network and collaborate with a local institution  and then have that institution email with the insitution's name, contact person information, and number of subscribers for which access is desired (minimum of twenty-five). An institution is defined as: a library, a school, a workforce or economic development location, a rehabilitation facility, an outreach center, a religious or gender affiliated education or social group, a telecentre or telecenter, or a similarly recognized organization in your community.

Your subscription membership is payable online with a self service, automated processor using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Your membership access confirmation will be sent to you within two (2) business days of full payment of your subscription.

Memberships may be set for an automatic renewal.

U.S. taxes are already included in the subscription membership price.

The subscription membership price is non-refundable once your full payment has been processed.

All membership subscriptions are non-transferable to either another institution or another individual or another time period.

In order to offer these low-priced subscription memberships, each change after your credit card or other payment has been processed carry a minimum $250 USD fee payable solely with a credit card. (Understand: a change can be more than $250 USD depending on the time required for a human to fix/repair/adjust/add/remove/change- names, form of payment, and anything else!)

To obtain the optimal performance and satisfaction for your subscription membership, an unfiltered, reliable, high speed broadband connection for your internet connected device is recommended: Hardwired is highly recommended. This site is best supported by the FireFox browser. Your device should have a Pentium II (or equivalent) or higher processing speed chip. Some mobile devices and organization firewalling may affect the accurate display of the site pages, hyperlinks, and interactive features.

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